Samantha Fernandez 

Makeup Artist



Studying to become a Journalist, It was during a math exam one day that Samantha realized this wasn't the track for her. In the middle of that exam she grabbed her books, walked out of that classroom and began her journey in Makeup Artistry. 
Samantha has always been an artistic person from singing on tables at family gatherings as a child to acting on stage or writing poetry in high school. The Impact art has on peoples feelings has always been a major inspiration in her work. Samantha fell in love with Makeup because it is a living art.
" I think of myself as an Artist in every aspect of the word. I love making people feel good and being a Makeup Artist allows me to do just that everyday. I like my work to invoke feeling, emotion, may it be happiness when you see your bride walking down the aisle or Fear when creating a horrid creature for TV and film. Makeup is something people from every walk of life can enjoy." - Samantha Fernandez. 
 Samantha began working in the makeup industry in 2012 in Miami, Fl. She later moved to California to attend Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles where she was trained by the industry's top Artists. She completed the Master makeup course in July of 2014 and the Leonard Engelman Character fellowship in May of 2015. 
Whether you want to look striking and sultry or ghoulish and scary Eyes Lie Makeup will bring your worst nightmares or your most magical dreams to life! 



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